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With the growing trend in the security industry being the use of miniaturized covert 'spy cams', users should ask themselves a very important question before they implement their system; “What is the goal of my security system?” If the answer to this question is to punish people after a crime was committed, then a high-tech multi-camera surveillance system might be the best choice. But, if the goal is to prevent crimes and stop them from happening in the first place, then the use of home security signs for yard may be all that’s needed. 

The use of Home Security Signs and Stickers can help protect any property simply and effectively. These warning signs are looked for and quickly recognized by potential criminals and alerts these wrongdoers that you are serious about the prevention of crime. They proactively prevent crimes rather than just helping punish after the fact.  

CCTV Camera Warning Signs are traditionally used in conjunction with a DVR camera system. They primarily give the legal notice that is required in different areas about video and audio being recorded. They also usually point out the location of each camera by drawing attention to them. 

Interestingly though, when Home Security Signs and Decals are used without a camera system, the results are just as effective. One recent memory is from a few months ago when the night we installed signs by the pool house of a townhouse association that was repeatedly vandalized. They didn’t have the budget for a complete camera system, and needed results because they had noting left in the emergency fund from the constant repairs. We decided on an aggressive campaign of well placed camera warning signs. 


We completed the install and spent 45 minutes chatting with the association president at his house until it was getting dark, so we went to leave the complex. As we headed to our cars, we happened to see the events unfold right in front of us. 

Sure enough we noticed five young teenage boys walking up the street and heading towards the pool area. We were careful to stay out of sight and not get noticed. We watched as they jumped the fence and started to reorganize the patio furniture for the evening’s party. In less than 2 minutes one of them noticed some security signs for yard by the vending machines and immediately began to look for the cameras with eyes darting around in a panic. He yelled out ‘We’re bugged” and ran to the group to point out what he saw. They huddled for a few seconds and then like a shot they all started running.  


We followed closely behind and found out where one of them lived. It only took a short meeting with the child, his mother and the police to get a complete confession and start making plans to repay his portion of the damages. As the police were questioning him, an officer asked him why they ran the way they did. He responded that cameras don’t usually bother them since “you can just put a shirt or something in front of it”. But when they saw the home security yard signs and couldn’t find the cameras they assumed there were hidden spy cams all over the place and they were busted.  

So even as the trend in security gravitates towards hidden cameras and elaborate CCTV systems costing thousands of dollars, sometimes the best solution is the most simple.


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